My journey with mental illness goes back to the age of 12, when I had my first experience with depression. At such a young age, this was a lonely, isolating and scary experience, which I only went on to receive treatment for when I was 15, due to crippling anxiety forcing me out of school, rendering me housebound.

Despite the treatment I received at the time, I didn’t undergo what I deem to be effective treatment for my illnesses until the age of 18, when I managed to push myself out of the house into full-time education. I have travelled many different paths of coping, including therapy, prescription drugs and have dabbed in other not-so-positive strategies, and now, at age 20, have come to know ‘The Black Dog’ and its crippling cousin, anxiety, in all of their interchangeable, myriad forms.

By starting this blog, I hope to reach out to others who share similar experiences to my own and help others and myself to do away with the shame and embarrassment we often feel that can prevent us from sharing our stories. More than anything, I want those who believe that it cannot possibly get better, to choose life.